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Employment Coin "EC2" is an ERC-20 crypto currency running on the Ethereum BlockChain. Our patent pending platform allows Employers to receive crypto currency by running our time and project management software "TMS". TMS is our flagship platform and is based from the Agile project workflow in a Kanban format.

Crypto Bonus is for Employees working in the commercial transportation industry such as Pilots, Flight Attendants, Truck Drivers and more.... Crypto Bonus will reward user's real crypto currency for simply signing up and doing their job.

Investors - As with many crypto currencies, Employment Coin can be purchased and traded on many CEX and DEX platforms.

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TMS App "Employers"

The TMS is a unique SaaS platform tied into the block-chain that any business owner can license. The software platform allows employees to submit their completed task working within the TMS. By submitting their tasks the business owner will receive coins from our platform. So as the price of the coin goes up the greater the reward. The rewards are in the format of Employment Coin and can be exchanged for other fiat or digital currency. For more details please contact us.

TMS How it Works! 

Crypto Bonus App "Employees"

The Crypto Bonus platform is very straight forward and is built to reward Professionals such as airline Pilots, Flight Attendants and commercial Drivers. These professionals will receive crypto currency aka "money" by signing up and simply doing their jobs. Our software will actively check for flight time submitted and or distance traveled and reward them with our coin. Get started today and sign-up. Employment Coin a new era for employee bonus.

Crypto Bonus How it Works!

Time Management Software

Time and Project management software tied to the token price, giving employers the power to make payroll without borrowing capital from traditional interest bering loans

Crypto Bonus

Ready for Take Off! Pilots and flight attendants can receive Employment Coin for their flight time logged. Get your Crypto Bonus and start building your digital assets today.

1st of it kind

Patented solution that pays business owners capital as their employees complete their tasks and submit their time. Crypto Bonus rewards pilots, flight attendants, drivers and more.


Decentralized EC2 coins can be traded around the globe allowing investors to purchase and trade, thus increasing the value of their digital asset profile.

Greater rewards

Whether you're an Employer or Transportation professional, Employment Coin is a unique and rewarding way to get involved in the block-chain and crypto market.

Stream lined pricing on our SaaS

Employment Coin is for investors of all levels so GET ON BOARD TODAY!. If you're a business owner purchase the SaaS time management software and start getting paid from the block-chain. For Transportation professionals, sign-up and get your Crypto Bonus rewards.

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    EC2 Beaks above $0.44

    Current Exchange: Tarmex.io | Vindax.com | Trade Now and get in on the action

  • April 2021 News

    Licencing Model for Crypto bonus

    Partnership with AI automation LLC

  • EC2 Road Map September 2020
    Road Map The Start of a new employment currency
  • March 2021
    Licence Model

    Crypto Bonus License Model Development

  • April 2021
    Licence Model

    Crypto Bonus License Model Deployment

TMS Platform

Worlds first Kanban to pay real capital for time, task and projects submitted. TMS Employment coins flagship platform

Crypto Bonus

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